Felix the Cat battled Mickey Mouse in Mickey Mouse vs Felix the Cat. He is the main protagonist in old Felix the Cat cartoons.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1 Edit

In order to beat this cat, you need to step up your game.

I was the original digital crucible, you just stole all my fame

Been in it longer than you, yet you've been called a classic cartoon?

Fuck you and your friends, I'd rather watch Looney Tunes!

Verse 2 Edit

Even those disses are stolen, you sound like a young kid.

I mean I'll finish you off faster than the Disney Channel did!

I don't mean to be complicated, but are you retarded?

you named your dog Pluto after your tiny mouse stick.

Verse 3 Edit

If you're trying to rap good, you've gotta actually have some class,

Dirty old rat, go stick that white glove up in your ass

Kingdom Hearts was terrible, and your kids show was hectic

I'm the pinnacle of toons, you don't deserve the title epic.

I may be a thing of the past, but I just beat Mickey the Rat.

Kicked your ass, Signed... Felix the Cat.