Morph battled Wallace and Gromit in Morph vs Wallace and Gromit. He is one of the original claymations put on TV.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1 Edit

HELLO! Welcome to the Morph files, you cheese addicted turd!

I can beat you and your gay dog without even speaking a word

This is a matter of loaf and death, and you'll never survive

Because you're so stupid and dumb, you can't even tell the time

You a self-proclaimed genius? That's a load of bullshit!

No one can be called a genius if they suck there silent dogs dick.

I guess he wasn't the only wrong trousers you wore

Nobody watches you anymore, your hour animations are a bore!

Verse 2 Edit

You're the one to talk, your useless dog does all your work

you make all these inventions, that never seem to work!

I just rhymed work with work, because I don't care you see!

Well at least my rhymes didn't suck unlike your werefaggot movie!

Verse 3 Edit

You think the moons made out of cheese, don't be calling me a disgrace

Since when did you have any new animations lately, it's because of your accent mate!

You're gonna be pulled down like the whole of your show, bitch!

This wasn't a close shave, because I always win